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We know what it’s like to be accomplished yet still struggle with body confidence. That’s why we created Cellutranz®, the most advanced, result-oriented, nonsurgical cellulite reduction & body contouring solution, so you Fit Better in Your Clothes, Feel More Confident, and Live Life Beyond™.

Living With Cellulite Can Make You Feel Self-Conscious

What is cellulite?

Still struggling with cellulite?

Whether fit or overweight, more than 80% of women are affected with cellulite, which is almost impossible to treat. Despite diet and exercise, most women seemed doomed to live with this frustrating condition.

  • Unsightly dimples and orange peel skin
  • Resistant fat on the hips & thighs
  • Inner thighs rubbing against each other

Constant stress from daily living puts your body in a chronic internal imbalance called Post-Traumatic Homeostasis Syndrome (PTHS). This condition causes resistant fat, cellulite, and loose skin.

But reducing the appearance of cellulite doesn’t have to be a nightmare. That’s why we created CelluTranz® Cellulite Treatment. When creams and lotions fail, consider CelluTranz® Body Contouring.

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What Causes Cellulite


Cellulite develops in 5-stages.

Cellulite is a condition that affects more than 80% of post-pubescent women, and it can appear on the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Though many believe that this condition is related to obesity or lack of exercise, cellulite is actually caused primarily by genetics and hormonal factors.

Cellulite is an accumulation of fat, fluid, and toxins in the middle layer of the skin. The fat cells inflate, causing a rippling and puckering of the skin, commonly referred to as cottage cheese or orange peel skin. Cellulite develops in five stages:

  • Lymphatic Toxicity
  • Fluid Retention
  • Reduced Circulation
  • Fat Accumulation
  • Hardening of Connective Tissue

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Benefits of CelluTranz®

Cellulite Treatment

Fast, safe, and reliable body fat reduction without surgery

LipoTranz® SpotLipo gives you results similar to, or better than surgery.

3 procedures in 1
Remove belly fat without surgery
Target resistant fat
Get rid of cellulite
Tighten your skin
Tighten loose skin
Reduce cellulite

Finally, a Cellulite Treatment That Works!

Fit Better in Your Clothes, Feel More Confident, Live Life Beyond!
Cellulite Treatment Jacksonville Florida

CelluTranz® cellulite treatment is a noninvasive cellulite reduction and body contouring treatment that reduces cellulite and contours the lower body. This fantastic treatment uses a combination of the most advanced and effective body contouring lasers to contour and reshape your lower body with minimal social downtime.

Go Beyond Cellulite Treatment

Reduce Cellulite & Fit Better in Your Clothes in 3 Simple Steps

Your body uses a 3-step process to break down fat & rejuvenate. You can think of it as melt-move-flush. Cellulite and resistant fat do not respond to this natural process. CelluTranz® Cellulite Treatment uses our proprietary MMF™ protocol to reduce cellulite and smooth your skin.


Laser Lipolysis

Combination laser treatment to melt fat & contour your lower body


Lymphatic Drainage

To increase lymphatic circulation and release trapped fats & toxins


Fascia Manipulation

Deep tissue manipulation increases collagen and elastin

CelluTranz® is our most effective and popular treatment for cellulite reduction. It can contour your lower body in as little as six weeks, so you fit better in your clothes, feel more confident, and live life beyond.

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CelluTranz® Will Smooth Your Skin!

Watch this video to learn how the CelluTranz® 3-step process can reduce cellulite and contour your lower body, so you fit better in your clothes and feel more confident

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Go Beyond Promises

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Our LipoTranz® clients say they fit better in their clothes, feel more confident, and live life beyond™.
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That is our commitment guarantee to you!

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We designed SpotLipo Nonsurgical Body Sculpting specifically for people who have trouble losing those last few inches.

We value your individuality. That’s why we give you a FREE 3D Body Scan and cosmetic evaluation so we can assess your specific needs and determine which LipoTranz® SpotLipo Nonsurgical Body Sculpting is suitable for you.

Belly & Love Handles

Remove belly fat without surgery


Tighten loose skin


Reduce back fat & bra bulges

Hips and Buttocks

Reduce saddle bags and cellulite

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“I’m wearing my daughter’s skinny jeans. My pants are so loose on me, they are falling off. I’m very happy. My swinsuit is too big for me now, thats awesome!”

Sherri got results with Lipotranz body contouring at GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center

Sherri –
Jacksonville, FL

“The results are fast and always steady. I have had so much fun doing this. I love being here!”

Susan G. St. Mary’s –
Georgia, FL

“I’m excited about my results, I really look and feel younger. Everyone is telling me that I’m aging backwards and wondering what I’m doing. “