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We know what it’s like to struggle with weight loss.

Constant stress from daily living puts your body in a chronic internal imbalance called Post-Traumatic Homeostasis Syndrome (PTHS). This condition makes it hard to lose weight and keep it off.

But losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t have to be a struggle. That’s why we created LipoTranz® Cosmetic Weight Loss.

Trying to Lose Weight Can Be Frustrating

Weight Loss Body Contouring

What is Cosmetic Weight Loss?

  • Spending way too much time on diets that often don’t work.
  • Losing the same 5 pounds only to gain 10 back.
  • Frustrated with working out and not getting anywhere.

LipoTranz® Cosmetic Weight Loss is like a tummy tuck without the surgery. It is our most popular treatment for significant weight loss and body contouring without surgery. These treatments combine the latest advances in weight loss and body contouring technology to help you achieve your goals with no downtime.

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Cosmetic Weight Loss

Fast, safe, and reliable weight loss without surgery
3 procedures in 1
Lose Weight
Lose weight
Remove belly fat without surgery
Target resistant fat
Lift and Tighten Skin
Lift & tighten skin

How Cosmetic Weight Loss Works

Lose Weight, Feel Great In 3 Simple Steps

Your body uses a 3-step process to break down and flush fat. You can think of it as melt-move-flush. Using our proprietary MMF™ protocol, LipoTranz® Cosmetic Weight Loss targets and accelerates your body’s natural process of fat reduction & detoxification.



Low-Level Laser Therapy targets & melts your resistant fat.



Noninvasive lymphatic stimulation moves the broken fat cells.

Semaglutide Weight Loss Treatment in Jacksonville, Florida


Use our Metabolic Prescription to detoxify your lymphatic system.

LipoTranz® Cosmetic Weight Loss can be tailored to suit your individual goals. With cosmetic weight loss, you can target stubborn areas, lift and tighten loose skin, and reduce cellulite, so you fit better in your clothes, feel more confident, and live life beyond.

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Cosmetic Weight Loss Will Change Your Life!

Watch this video to learn how the cosmetic weight loss 3-step process can contour your body, so you fit better in your clothes and feel more confident.

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Go Beyond Promises

Get Results. Not Excuses.

Our cosmetic weight loss clients say they fit better in their clothes, feel more confident, and live life beyond™.
What’s YOUR Goal!?

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Your Commitment Guarantee

We are committed to you, and your results!

At GoBeyond® Aesthetics, we are committed to safely and conveniently providing exceptional results. We guarantee excellent results even after we complete your treatment. We will repeat your treatment FREE if you do not get the promised results! On the rare occasion we make a mistake, we promise to fix it at no cost to you.

That is our commitment guarantee to you!

Is Cosmetic Weight Loss Right for Me?

Begin with a FREE 3D Body Scan and Evaluation

Our 10-week cosmetic weight loss treatment plan offers everything you need to lose weight and contour your body without surgery.

We value your individuality. That’s why we give you a FREE 3D Body Scan and cosmetic evaluation so we can assess your specific needs and determine if cosmetic weight loss is suitable for you.

Weight Loss

Lose 30 pounds or more

Target Fat Loss

Target weight loss and stubborn areas


Lift & tighten loose skin

Hips and Buttocks

Reduce the appearance of cellulite

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“I’m wearing my daughter’s skinny jeans. My pants are so loose on me, they are falling off. I’m very happy. My swinsuit is too big for me now, thats awesome!”

Sherri got results with Lipotranz body contouring at GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center

Sherri –
Jacksonville, FL

“The results are fast and always steady. I have had so much fun doing this. I love being here!”

Susan G. St. Mary’s –
Georgia, FL

“During my second week of treatment with Lipotranz® put on my favorite pair of pants and they fell off.I was shocked! That gave me the motivation I needed to continue treatment.”

Alan –
Fruit Cove, FL

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