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We know what it’s like to be accomplished yet still struggle with body confidence. That’s why we created LipoTranz®, the most advanced, result-oriented, nonsurgical body contouring solution available, so you Contour Your Body, Fit Better in Your Clothes, Feel More Confident, and Live Life Beyond™.

Cellulite Can Be Frustrating and Embarrassing

Finding a treatment that works is hard.

What Causes Cellulite

Struggling to fit better in your clothes?

Cellulite is a common problem that affects over 80% of adult women. Despite their best effort, most women have difficulty getting rid of cellulite, which dramatically impacts their lifestyle.

  • Avoid wearing certain clothes
  • Feeling self-conscious
  • Cropping pictures before posting on social media

Constant stress from daily living puts your body in a chronic internal imbalance called Post-Traumatic Homeostasis Syndrome (PTHS). This condition causes resistant fat, cellulite, and loose skin.

But reducing the appearance of cellulite doesn’t have to be such a challenge. That’s why GoBeyond® Aesthetics offers Endospheres Therapy for cellulite reduction.

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What Causes Cellulite


Isn’t It Time You Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Many women see the appearance of cellulite as they get older. Cellulite is not caused by being overweight or not exercising. It is caused by genes and hormones. When these things happen, fat, fluid, and toxins build up in the middle layer of the skin. This makes the skin look bumpy, like cottage cheese or orange peel. Cellulite goes through five stages:

  • Lymphatic toxicity
  • Fluid retention
  • Reduced circulation
  • Fat accumulation finally
  • Hardening connective tissue beneath our epidermis

this process makes it quite tricky to reduce cellulite without medical intervention.

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Benefits of Endospheres

Endospheres Therapy

Fast, safe, and reliable body fat reduction without surgery

LipoTranz® SpotLipo gives you results similar to, or better than surgery.

3 procedures in 1
Remove belly fat without surgery
Target resistant fat
Get rid of cellulite
Tighten your skin
Tighten loose skin
Reduce cellulite

It’s Not Just About Cellulite, It’s About Lifestyle!

Reduce Cellulite, Fit Better in Your Clothes, Feel More Confident, Live Life Beyond!
what is lipotranz body contouring

Endospheres therapy has quickly become a leading cellulite treatment for those suffering from stubborn cellulite and loose skin. Endospheres therapy is an exciting, non-invasive, FDA-approved cellulite treatment that uses micro-bubbles to break down the fatty tissues that cause cellulite. This non-invasive procedure is quick, easy, painless, and effective.

Go Beyond Cellulite Treatments

Reduce Cellulite & Fit Better in Your Clothes in 3 Simple Steps

Your body uses a 3-step process to break down fat & rejuvenate. You can think of it as melt-move-flush. Resistant fat does not respond to this natural process. Endospheres Therapy uses our proprietary MMF™ protocol to reduce cellulite and smooth your skin.

Laser Sculpting Jacksonville Florida

Fascia Manipulation

The wave produced by applying Compressive Micro vibration on the tissues breaks down fibrous septae.

Liquid Lipolysis Jacksonville Florida

Lymphatic Drainage

Compressive Micro vibration moves excess water and trapped toxins to the lymphatic to be excreted out of the body.

Ultrasound Therapy Jacksonville Florida

Increase Bloodflow

Improve microcirculation, which produces increased oxygenation of the tissues and a therapeutic effect.

Not only does this approach help with cellulite, but it also provides a wide array of additional benefits, such as improved skin elasticity and increased lymphatic drainage. Endospheres Therapy can sculpt your perfect body in just six weeks, so you fit better in your clothes, feel more confident, and live life beyond.

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Endospheres Therapy Will Change Your Life!

Watch this video to learn how the Endospheres Therapy 3-step process can contour your body, so you fit better in your clothes and feel more confident

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Our LipoTranz® clients say they fit better in their clothes, feel more confident, and live life beyond™.
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That is our commitment guarantee to you!

Is Endospheres Therapy Right for Me?

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We designed SpotLipo Nonsurgical Body Sculpting specifically for people who have trouble losing those last few inches.

We value your individuality. That’s why we give you a FREE 3D Body Scan and cosmetic evaluation so we can assess your specific needs and determine which LipoTranz® SpotLipo Nonsurgical Body Sculpting is suitable for you.

Belly & Love Handles

Remove belly fat without surgery


Tighten loose skin


Reduce back fat & bra bulges

Hips and Buttocks

Reduce saddle bags and cellulite

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“I’m wearing my daughter’s skinny jeans. My pants are so loose on me, they are falling off. I’m very happy. My swinsuit is too big for me now, thats awesome!”

Sherri got results with Lipotranz body contouring at GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center

Sherri –
Jacksonville, FL

“The results are fast and always steady. I have had so much fun doing this. I love being here!”

Susan G. St. Mary’s –
Georgia, FL

“I’m excited about my results, I really look and feel younger. Everyone is telling me that I’m aging backwards and wondering what I’m doing. “

Ms. Tony got result with Zlift Instant facelift at GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center

Ms. Tony –
Jacksonville, FL