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People who want to look good and feel better about themselves often don’t know where to start because they are not sure what will work for them. They fear wasting time, money, and energy on treatments that do not work.

From quick fixes like Botox & dermal fillers to advanced laser treatments, medical weight loss, full body contouring, IV therapy & hormone replacement, GoBeyond Aesthetics provides the comprehensive, result-oriented aesthetics & wellness services our clients need to reinvent themselves, fit better in their clothes, look & feel younger, feel more and live life beyond.

Our History

Begin with a FREE 3D Body Scan & Evaluation ($250 Value).

The GoBeyond® Aesthetics & Wellness concept originated in 1999 when our founder, w.e. andré “Prof. Zedd,” wanted to find a way to help people improve their self-image and body image. He created the Fit-N-Well Center in South Florida, ultimately moving the practice in 2001 to North Florida under the name Nirvana Clinic.

In 2014, to better address members needs and provide a more complete range of services GoBeyond® Aesthetics & Wellness was born. The goal remains the same, services have been improved and expanded to include a full array of aesthetics, wellness, and laser treatments and services.

Do Something Great for Yourself!

Begin with a FREE 3D Body Scan & Skin Analysis.

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Go Beyond

Our Values Are

Experienced professionals, since 1999. We invented LipoTranz® & ClearBlu™.

At GoBeyond Aesthetics, we continuously innovate to bring you the best treatments & procedures. We focus on getting you results! No one else does it better.


Medical Director

Our Mission

We understand what it’s like to be accomplished yet still feel uncomfortable in your own skin. GoBeyond® Aesthetics offers result-oriented aesthetics and wellness services to help our clients fit better in their clothes, look and feel younger, feel more confident, and live life beyond.

Meet Your Team

We Give Back

A percentage of our revenue is donated to the following charities to help support our community.

  • Local church to care for and feed God’s people
  • mercyships.org (Global medical care for those in need)
  • We support local breast cancer charities
We Believe in

The LEAN Six Sigma Concept

LEAN Six Sigma is a method that relies on collaboration from all team members to improve performance. At GoBeyond® Aesthetics & Wellness all team members are expected to work together, and

  • Help members look good, feel great, be confident
  • Make sure members are getting the promised results
  • Make sure members are being treated according to LEAN standards

  • Help find new ways to improve service and results
We Believe in

Results & Affordability

There are so many people making so many claims, you don’t know what or who to believe anymore. You may be asking yourself, “Will GoBeyond® Aesthetics & Wellness work for me?

We offer only evidenced-based treatments; meaning they have been proven to work. Our signature “try it before you buy it” trial treatments allow you to try most of our treatments at a reduced price so you can make informed decision based on experience.

Finally we offer several payment options to help you fit our products and services within your current budget

Go Beyond Promises

Get results. Not excuses.

Our clients and members say they fit better in their clothes, look & feel younger, feel more confident, and live life beyond.
What’s YOUR Goal!?

  • Body sculpting results Jacksonville Florida
  • lipotranz spotlipo results GoBeyond Aesthetics and Wellness
  • Cosmetic weight loss GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center
  • PRP plasma filler Treatment GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center
  • Cellulite treatment results GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center
  • PDO thread lift GoBeyond® Aesthetics wellness center

Do Something Great for Yourself!

Begin with a FREE 3D Body Scan & Skin Analysis.

Claim Your $500 Voucher Now!

Do Something Great for Yourself!

It’s your time! Watch this video to learn how GoBeyond Aesthetics can help you fit better in your clothes, and look and feel younger so you feel more confident and live life beyond.

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Why Choose GoBeyond

Because We Go Above & Beyond.

We understand the nature of people who care about their appearance. We get you! We’ve been there. Our highest satisfaction is to help you achieve your aesthetic & wellness goals through honest dealing and truthfulness.

“I’m wearing my daughter’s skinny jeans. My pants are so loose on me, they are falling off. I’m very happy. My swinsuit is too big for me now, thats awesome!”

Sherri got results with Lipotranz body contouring at GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center

Sherri –
Jacksonville, FL

“I’m excited about my results, I really look and feel younger. Everyone is telling me that I’m aging backwards and wondering what I’m doing. “

Ms. Tony got result with Zlift Instant facelift at GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center

Ms. Tony –
Jacksonville, FL

“I feel sexier, I feel happier, I’m living my best life. I’m glad I found out about Lipotranz®.”

Jill got results with Lipotranz Spotlipo at GoBeyond Aesthetics wellness center

Jill –
Jacksonville, FL

Get In. Get Out. Get On with Your Life.

Self-Care Matters

You’ve spent so much time taking care of other people, places, and things it can be hard to make time for yourself. We make it easy for you to incorporate self-care into your routine. Now it’s your time. Come in for a 20-minute quick fix, or go beyond quick fixes to convenient memberships, and treatment plans.

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